In Planning…

In planning my LHBB, Pinterest is both indispensable and deadly.  Given nearly limitless glorious photographs and diagrams from all over the world, one cannot easily return to the ho-hum practicalities of less expansive, more locally-available choices.

Even pretending my budget and resources allow, I recognize siren song when I hear it.  No, I cannot invest the time, (money), and artistry of 200 years ago, today.  My kitchen floor will not benefit from the craftsmanship of the Roman baths, meticulously tiled 1700 years ago.

Fashion terrifies me.  I’ve lived long enough to realize every trend, so current and compelling, is vulnerable to becoming ‘dated’ in the too near future.  I remember when “Autumn Gold” and, for the really fashion-forward, “Avocado,” appliance installations garnered envy across the neighborhood.

BP_HFXUP203H_Batson_Kitchen-Dining-Room_AFTER-beauty_456123-1029810.JPG.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853Is today’s glassy white-on-white subway tile backsplash (that I’m seriously considering) the lava lamp of tomorrow? Or worse, will it become tomorrow’s version of wall-to-wall Shag carpeting?

Looking back, we can be aghast that we just loved whatever home décor came and went…

It’s a particular issue because of my stage in life.  I’m likely to outlive today’s fashionable design choices, yet not have enough quality time left to justify the expense and hassle of a design ‘update’ ten years into the future.  I missed that life-stage window where one can justify going full-tilt into “I’ve always wanted…” or “Homes in this neighborhood ought to have…” or any other societal support for self-indulgent design.

I have bent to self-indulgence until now mostly in my mind. For decades, I saved glossy magazine pages into a vinyl covered 3 ring binder as if it were a portable Hope Chest.

So with which ‘timeless’ design elements can I live happily and affordably?

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