Ha! I’m 60!

Ha! I’m 60.

Here’s what I’ve learned and YOU probably don’t know, if you’re not:

  1. That heartache for ‘the one who got away’ will stop stinging someday and become sweet, forgiving love. He or she will visit your dreams, still young, until you understand why the fates did not put/keep you together.
  2. You will somehow manage to dig out from the financial mess you made by overspending; the fear that drove it & the shame that followed it soften, emotional place markers of where you’ve been. You’ll do it again until you value piece of mind.
  3. Your boss isn’t gonna fire you. You judge your performance far more harshly. In fact, if you can get out of your own way emotionally, you’ll rise to the top. Quickly.
  4. When your dentist says, ”Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” s/he isn’t kidding.
  5. Despite what on-lookers conclude, owning & operating a business is the antithesis of freedom. It’s captaining a ship; you’re responsible for the welfare of all on board and in the sea. The ability to transform your creativity and adaptive capacity into a business is simply the hardest and most generous work you will ever do.
  6. Of all the nonsense you regret, failing to spend time with beloved elders will be the greatest. Call for recipes. Stop by, even empty handed. Take the time. Mail a card.  Do all of it. Build the time into your schedule. You will gain even more than the visitee.
  7. If you really ‘deserve’ better, it’ll come to you. False pride is just that. Get humble. Appreciate what you have. Really appreciate all you have. Quit comparing.
  8. Seek Truth at all times, first and relentlessly within yourself. Use the scientific method: hypothesize, consciously experiment to disprove your perception, recognize the results. If you want a different result, you need to change the hypothesis.

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