The People v. Pets

I host three pets: my former step-daughter’s dog, my youngest daughter’s ‘kitten’, and a Ranch kitty that adopted us. All made the 1000+ mile trip from Northern California to our PT digs. The wonderful Annie dog went with John.

It’s my nature to love ‘my’ pets, but each poses ‘issues’.

The dog, Chibi,  is aging (who isn’t?), itchy (apparently allergic to the little bit of lawn she enjoys) and very un-dog-like. Her preferred spot, on my bed (not any of hers), is strewn with tufts of her black fur. She snores, farts, and is anti-social. Chibi can’t stand wind storms, loud noises or affection.

Shadow, aka Jimmie-Six-Toes, is an old-world gangster kitty. He’s all cuddly and warm until you cross him. Jimmie doesn’t suffer fools, nosey dogs, lazy humans (“I want cream, god dammit!”), or laptops(“My lap, move it!”). To wind down from his patrols, Jimmie does woodworking, diligently talon-carving fence posts outdoors and tabletops indoors. He’s bulimic, the only sign his Alpha-attitude takes a toll.

Oleo is a yellow and white fluffy (sheds constantly) cat. I like his personality; he’s curious, entertains himself, and is affectionate. He also pees on rugs. I only have one rug left. He uses upholstery for claw-sharpening, uninterested in his dedicated cat scratching equipment. So one sofa is destroyed, and all other household fabrics inspected and ’embellished’ by Oleo.

I’ve already recognized I cannot include carpeting or rugs in the new house while peeing, nail-sharpening Oleo and tuft-shedding Chibi live with me. But no sofa? No accent chairs? And what kind of carving will Shadow do to new cabinets? Beyond her shedding and bed-hugging, Chibi, the unwilling dog, is just months away from incontinence… ACK!

These animals are too old and set in their ways to give to new homes, the shelter, or any other solution…so, like so many humans, I will continue to endure (and unproductively chastise) their bad habits and choose to love them despite the limitations they impose on my life.

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