Oh, Teacup, Mashed Potatoes?

No, the instant won’t cut it. Make them from scratch. I use Russet potatoes, one and a half medium size potatoes per person. The large, uniform Russets you see set out individually are best for baked, double-stuffed or wedges. They typically cost more per pound than bagged ‘taters. Buy bagged for Mashed. You’ll need heavy cream or 1/2 & 1/2, unsalted butter, and Knorr chicken base.  … Continue reading Oh, Teacup, Mashed Potatoes?

Oh, Teacup, a Power Outage?

Yes, power outages affect everybody, not just you. Worst possible time? Of course. So, here’s what you need for next one: Flashlight – a real one, not your cellphone app. You don’t want to run down your phone’s battery. You’ll need your phone to call Power company for an update (add their Emergency and/or Outage Information number to your Contacts) and me to reassure me … Continue reading Oh, Teacup, a Power Outage?