Furnish my new house with only those things that serve my new sense of peace and physical comfort.

The Best Expression of Me: “Have Less Stuff”

I’ve been working with numerous healers to regain my health, strength and stamina. And my obliterated Sense of Self. That happens when one is sick for a long time. One of these healers is a hypnotherapist who specializes in rewiring our brains to help us overcome chronic conditions. Despite not knowing each other and working in separate ‘modalities’ a thousand miles apart, Dr. Hypno and … Continue reading The Best Expression of Me: “Have Less Stuff”

My garden in bloom in May in Port Townsend

Garden News: May at Lawrence and Adams

I’ve torn up my three-year-old garden. Still it offers beauty. Bold blue delphinium are pushing five-foot stalks upward. At their feet, alyssum pours itself into strawberry plants that pose tiny white flowers and green berries waiting for a break in our cloud cover. Canna unfurl their blood-red leaves. Sedum crawls between the slim trunks of rhododendron bursting with pinks and purples. My home is on … Continue reading Garden News: May at Lawrence and Adams

The People v. Pets

I host three pets: my former step-daughter’s dog, my youngest daughter’s ‘kitten’, and a Ranch kitty that adopted us. All made the 1000+ mile trip from Northern California to our PT digs. The wonderful Annie dog went with John. It’s my nature to love ‘my’ pets, but each poses ‘issues’. The dog, Chibi,  is aging (who isn’t?), itchy (apparently allergic to the little bit of … Continue reading The People v. Pets