the only matter with kids today is their skills and attitudes may not have been of much use in ‘our day.’ Are ours much use in theirs?

What’s the Matter with Kids Today?

The stage and film musical satire Bye, Bye, Birdie contains a great song,” Kids.” If you are not familiar with the song, find and listen to it. You’ll get my point fast. Many of my contemporaries and several of my elders wonder if today’s kids are worth a hoot. The numerous seeming differences in Baby Boomer and Millennial youth generate responses from bemusement to outright … Continue reading What’s the Matter with Kids Today?

Lenny's San Francisco Markets

Count Your Change: Lenny’s Markets

My friend Lenny lives by the sea. He and his family dwell in one of San Francisco’s older neighborhoods, where houses were built for working people. Unpretentious homes, packed tightly together, with the Pacific Ocean in their backyards. Clanging streetcars ratchet up and down the avenues, northbound planes yawn overhead. Crashing surf echoes, its rhythm bouncing off succulents and paving stones. Fog sidles. Lenny walks. … Continue reading Count Your Change: Lenny’s Markets