Paint covered hands

Paint Clothes

I raised my daughters in fixer upper conditions. They had school clothes, play clothes, ‘Sunday-Go-To-Meeting’ clothes, and ‘Paint Clothes’. Paint clothes were old, ragged or stained clothing in which we could garden, woodwork or paint pictures or houses without a care we might ruin them. I nearly live in paint clothes now. I still get moderately gussied up for gatherings and doctor appointments, but mostly … Continue reading Paint Clothes

When it comes to lighting, how does one choose?


The plethora of lighting options for new builds or replacements in existing homes confounds the mind. The lighting industry is huge, delivering products from one shop artisans, conglomerate electronics lines and age old foundries. Shapes, materials, accents and functions are seeming endless. Ceiling mounts, pendants, wall sconces, table lamps… How does one choose? Allow me to illuminate my criteria. (ha, ha) I’ve spent hours ‘oohing’ … Continue reading Lighting