Marriage isn’t the touchdown; it’s getting the ball. It’s just not that hard. Open the fucking door for us. Seat us. Pay attention – we are doing our best to be valued and adored. Show us your best manners, wear your best clothes, clean yourself up for us. Say “Yes!” Worship us.

Becoming a Husband

When answering honestly, most couples managing to ‘last’ will admit there was a separation, when one partner had simply had enough of waiting for and wanting operational changes that the other wouldn’t help make happen. In my experience, it’s usually the woman who finally has to put her foot down, shove her partner out, or pack up and go. The men I know are baffled. … Continue reading Becoming a Husband

My sick friends make my sickness feel more friendly

May’s Knees are Bone: Wednesday Wanderers

May’s knees are bone-on-bone. Each step is agony. Carl just learned his unabated fatigue is rooted in metastasized cancer. Levon‘s eyesight is going, throwing off his balance. Denny just learned she has a lethal heart condition. My colitis rages. Medications, treatments, tests. We are cheerful people, granted some nascent grace with which to face each new day, even when the day greets us with unavoidable … Continue reading May’s Knees are Bone: Wednesday Wanderers